The advantages of Crown Land

You may use crown land for hunting, fishing, mushroom, berry, and herb picking as well as any other kind of recreational activities (horse riding, skiing, boating, ski-dooing, biking, hiking, camping, gold panning and flying), as if it was your own property. Even if you owned a large property yourself, but were surrounded by other private properties, the above mentioned activities would soon take you to your neighbour's property lines, which might cause privacy limitations and possible problems with your neighbours.

For these reasons, I know that property surrounded by Crown Land is much more valuable and interesting than being surrounded by private properties. It means you can own much less land yourself and still do the same things, which means less investment, taxes, and responsibility. Properties like this usually have a high idealistic value too, which influences their market value very much. The Crown (Government) doesn't sell them anymore, that's why they are rare.