Leisure Activities

Experts know that the Lakes District and especially the region around Tweedsmuir Park are a truly unusual area with their original nature and rough beauty. Lakes, rivers, snow-covered mountains, naturally grown forests - wonderful wilderness at its best!

The area is a paradise for hunters, fishermen and other outdoor enthusiasts. There is a good wildlife population of moose, mule deer, grizzly and black bear, wolf, coyote, wolverine, lynx, geese (they nest in the fields every year), ducks, ptarmigan, grouse, snipe and rabbit in the area, as well as elk, mountain sheep, mountain goat and caribou in the nearby regions of B.C.

Hundreds of lakes and the rivers in the Lakes District offer over 5000 km/1,700 miles of shoreline to entice the sport fishermen summer or winter. There is excellent fishing of salmon, char (up to 48 lb), rainbow trout (up to 10 lb) and steelhead. In this region of B.C. there is also good fishing for arctic grayling, burbot, inconnu, northern pike and sturgeon.

A good network of forest roads provide easy access to most of the lakes and rivers with provincial campsites and boat launches on many of them.

In Smithers B.C., there is one of the two best skiing areas in B.C., besides Whistler.
The opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, boating, cross country skiing and snowmobiling are endless.