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You may wonder how you can immigrate to Canada, make your living there and how you can make and sustain contacts with other, interesting people.

With these dreams, Hans Buch moved to Canada in 1986. He is a former German entrepreneuer and has tried to work this out. He has gathered a lot of experience and has found an ideal solution. It's neither complicated nor difficult to manage, and, under certain conditions, it can make this way of living possible.

This is how it works:

- You settle on the property of your dreams. Due to its location and environment, this should be attractive to other people, with its potential for spare time activities, nature experience, as a holiday home and future perspectives.

- You create your life as a joy for you: farm, ranch, horses, garden, self sufficiency, fishing, collecting mushrooms etc.

- You create simple accommodations, more like a camp than a guest house, with additional tents or cabins.

- You determine your schedule, when (only in summer?) and how long you want to have guests on your property and in your life, or how long you need them for financial purposes.

- You won't try to get into normal Canadian tourism or find single vacationers, but you make use of our business concept:

Seminar & Retreat Center on a farm in the Canadian wilderness of B.C.

Special offers for seminar organizers, management, survival or sales trainers, clubs, companies, organizations or groups, who want to do seminars or retreats in Canada's pure nature, linked with a nice journey.

A farm family can offer simple housing and food plus further services to seminar guests at an inclusive price. This concept allows the family to live their lifestyle in nature. They can make their living this way and stay in touch with interesting people. It is also a very good basis for immigration to Canada.

With a financial share of our seminar & retreat center, investors can create a second financial basis for themselves in one of the last natural resorts, a place they can come back to for holidays or living later in life. It's a secure place with healthy living, and it is also a good investment that will help to create a place where like-minded people can meet and live together.

A marketing center that I, Hans Buch, has organized, develops package deals ("farm package") comprising lodging, food, group transfers from/to the airport or railway station and other services. These offers are aiming at seminar organizers, management, survival or sales trainers as well as organizations and other groups.

Our marketing center also handles the marketing for the offers of all seminar & retreat centers and the accounting of the "farm package".

With 15 years of experience in Canada, my contacts and my idealistic and entrepreneurial committment, I will personally look after all seminar & retreat centers.

We do not have current booking dates, but they can be planned at short notice. Please contact me with your enquiries with planned dates and number of participants.